About NJ Salute Coalition:

NJ Salute Coalition is being stood up by Mike Ferraro, SMART VA Group Dep Chair NJ and the CEO of Bridging The Gap.

Mike has formed the Executive Committee and is scheduling the initial quarterly meeting at Cooper University Health Care in Camden NJ this September and he will also schedule meeting #2 for Central or North Jersey.

Joining Mike on the Executive Committee are these five major companies; Cooper University Health Care, Prudential Insurance, BMS, Wyndham International and the Sansone Auto Mall. Mike is selecting one representative from the three partner categories of academia, government and professional associations. Joe Griffies, WIBG “Welcome Home” Vet Radio Show Host, Mike Ferraro  and Bob Carullo, SMART Executive Director; are Ex Officio members of all US-Salute Coalition expansion committees.   

See the drop down for the many companies and partners who have joined us to date.  

- For further info or to join, contact Mike Ferraro at [email protected]   or Bob Carullo at [email protected]  609-304-2904